Why is it Important to Push a Dolly Instead of Pulling It? Which is Easier Push or Pull?

Most people are familiar with the dolly. It is also known as the hand truck. You may have seen it used to move heavy goods from one place to another in a supermarket, shop or any other working place.why is it important to push a dolly instead of pulling it

If you look very strictly at the dolly or cart, you may notice that we are constantly pulling to easily carry everything. But in that case, when using the dolly, everyone continuously pushed it, which is the opposite process.

Why is it important to push a dolly instead of pulling it? And which is more effective pushing or pulling? We have arranged this guide for you with the common questions of all these aspects of this topic. So let’s get started.

Why is it Important to Push a Dolly Instead of Pulling It?

There are many special reasons for pushing the hand truck or dolly instead of pulling, such as pushing is a much more energy-efficient, easy and safe process. It is the fast way to move any heavy object with extra support. There are also some more useful features of pushing.

Why Pushing is Better than Pulling?

If you want, you can work with both pushing and pulling processes, but according to experts, pushing any heavy things is much safer than pulling. There are many reasons for this. When pushing a heavy object, our lower back muscles are included, which gives better visibility and strength.

It also hugely increases the center of gravity objects, which greatly supports the field of pushing, as well as reduces overall friction, and helps to move heavy objects more safely and easily from one place to another.

Are Humans Stronger at Pulling or Pushing?

Why is it important to push a dolly instead of pulling?According to research by NCBI, the pushing musculature of the human body is approximately 1.5 to 2.7 times stronger than the pulling musculature. Also, if a labor-intensive human is 200 pounds weight, he can effortlessly push at 100 pounds for some time.

Another recent study found that humans are capable of continuously pushing up to 20% of their total body weight. And capable of pulling up to 30%. It means that if your total weight is 100 pounds, you can easily push up to 20 pounds and pull 30 pounds safely.

However, after everything of the research data is assembled, it is understood that pushing is considered the easiest way to transfer any weight thing easily and safely. It also keeps your back safe.

Pushing vs Pulling Ergonomics

Depending on the various things, different processes are used to move. Pushing and pulling both can be used to move heavy items. However, the dolly is made to move longer heavy objects by pushing. There are several features to move dolly by pushing, some of which are highlighted here.


Pulling is the most flexible if you want to move lightweight things easily; it allows you to easily pull in the right direction without any hassles. But if you try to move in the right direction by pulling heavy objects designed like dolly, your task will become more difficult instead of easy.

One of the reasons for this is that there is a lot of friction in pulling heavy things, which makes the task of moving more difficult. And in the field of pushing, it increases the center of gravity, which makes the task of moving much more accessible.


Dolly pushing doesn’t just make your job easier; it’s also much safer for your back. In the case of dolly pulling, there is a lot of pressure directly on your back, which can begin to pain or a higher chance of huge risks.

But if you push directly, your back is straight, there is no chance of back pain, and using the folds of your legs and the weight of the whole body helps you to move safely. And this process is a lot more risk-free than pulling.


While you can push the dolly, the item can be kept in balance, and each step can be safely observed. However, in the field of pulling, it is challenging to keep the balance of heavy objects; on the other hand, it is a risky step.

Besides, in the field of pullings, much more energy has to be used. For all of those features, that’s why it is important to push a dolly instead of pulling.


If you’re planning to build a dolly or cart for transporting your pedals around your home, there are two ways you can do it. You can use a pushing dolly, which uses a heavy dolly and a long handle to pull the pedalboard along, or you can use a pulling dolly, which uses a long handle and has the pedals attached to the dolly.

The first option is recommended if you want the pedalboard to travel at a steady speed, and you don’t mind having a heavy dolly weighing over 20 pounds.

On the other hand, the pulling dolly is recommended if you want to carry it around more quickly and also be able to take advantage of gravity to help you get upstairs and across rooms.

If you have a lot of space to cover and want the pedalboard to travel at a steady pace, the pushing dolly will be a better choice.

But if you’re looking to move your pedalboard around quickly, the pulling dolly will be a better option for you.

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