How to Store a Wheelbarrow in Right Way

A wheelbarrow is a great option for easily carrying heavy and lightweight things from one place to another; it is especially great for farms, gardens, construction, and to store a wheelbarrow
As a result of taking care in the right way, it will withstand many adverse conditions and last for many years.

But the problem is basically taking care of and store it in the right way. Most owners do not clean wheelbarrows properly after work and do not take care of them correctly. Also, do not know how to store a wheelbarrow in the right way.

Anyway, we have come up with this complete guide to avoid such issues and to store wheelbarrows. We will also discuss the importance of wheelbarrow storage and the best way to store a wheelbarrow. So let’s start our tour.

Why is it Important to Store A Wheelbarrow Safely?

The wheelbarrow is one of the most essential tools for carrying heavy objects from one place to another, like the garden, farm, construction work. A regular wheelbarrow can easily carry items more than 60 pounds. To maintain this sturdy performance of the wheelbarrow for a long time, it is necessary to store it properly.

On the one hand, properly arranging everything in your garage increases the attraction; on the other hand, you can easily find small and large tools when needed. There are several strong reasons to keep the wheelbarrow properly stored.


There is a risk of any kind of danger as a result of leaving the wheelbarrow where it is not stored in the right place. Many times pets and kids play outside, so they accidentally beat the wheelbarrow while playing and possibly to seriously injured.


Always clean storage protects your wheelbarrow from rust and corrosion attacks, as well as a lot of care and safety. In addition, it lasts for many years with better performance without any issues.

Space Saver

Leaving the wheelbarrow, there remains a lot of your space and beauty of the outdoor or indoor. There are many ways to store a wheelbarrow. However, the most effective way is to hang it on the garage wall or storeroom. On the one hand, it can save a lot of your floor space. On the other hand, the wheelbarrow can hang carefully.

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How to Store a Wheelbarrow?

You have already realized that proper wheelbarrow storage is very important and has many great advantages of storing. In this section, we will discuss how to store a wheelbarrow in the garage ideally.

Try to follow these things before preparing wheelbarrow storage:

  • Try to keep the wheelbarrow out of the children.
  • Always try to store indoors in a dry space, and make sure that the place where you store is always dry.
  • Keep it locked with reliable straps or roof, and make sure it is secured.
  • If you store it for a long time, occasionally come and check that the wheelbarrow hangers are hanging properly or not.

A Rail and Hook System

A Rail and Hook SystemA hook system is the easiest way to store anything easily by hanging. It can easily keep any kind of heavy things hanging with the walls. Hook systems easily carry weigh about 1700 pounds or more. However, before buying rail systems, you must see that they can carry heavyweight and see the built quality materials. Then you install the hook on the wall of your garage and hang your wheelbarrow.

Ceiling Pulling Storage System

how to hang a wheelbarrow from the ceilingIf your garage is too small, were challenging to store other tools, then the process of keeping your wheelbarrow in the ceiling can be a perfectly easy way. However, storing in this way is very complicated.

To build this system, you first need to install pulling systems on your garage ceiling, where you can effortlessly store your wheelbarrow hanging up or ground later.

First, you need to drill the ceiling and install the straps, but before purchasing the ceiling storage straps, you need to make sure that the pulling straps are capable of carrying heavyweight.

Fence Lining Storage Bracket

Fence Lining Storage BracketAlternatively, it is another easy and effective way for those who do not have enough storage space in the garage to store wheelbarrows. This process is very similar to leaving the wheelbarrow outside.

However, before storing it outside, you have to make a safety bracket so that no one has an accident with the wheelbarrow, as well as make a shield so that your wheelbarrow is much safer from various adverse weather.

You do not have to go to any expensive way to make a fence lining storage bracket; for this, you first have to choose a space to make a bracket through a fence or walls. Then make a shield there so that the weather has no effect later.

Wall Hanging Wheelbarrow Holder

Wall Hanging Wheelbarrow HolderWall hanging holder is the easiest way for those who are in a lot of trouble with storage methods and looking for a super-easy way to wheelbarrow storage methods. It’s basically another wall hanging process of storing, but it’s a perfect choice for hanging any type of wheelbarrow.

First, you need to buy a durable and sturdy wheelbarrow holder; you can get it from amazon at a low price. Then you have to drill the walls and install the holder with the help of a screw, and then you can easily hang the wheelbarrow on your garage walls.

Hardware Re-Purpose

It is a quick store process; it basically uses the plumbing hooks to stores the wheelbarrow against the wall. It is a perfect option, especially for lightweight wheelbarrows.

However, if your metal wheelbarrow is heavyweight and oversized, then, of course, you can try our other processes to store.

Pro Tips

  • To keep your garage spruce and tidy, you must try to make your garage a little larger, or if it is not possible, try to make an extra room.
  • Before storing, thoroughly clean and dry your wheelbarrow and take enough care of it and paint it every few months to get the best performance for a long time.
  • Make sure the hook or holder you are trying to purchase to hang the wheelbarrow, which is actually capable of carrying the weight of your wheelbarrow. Try to choose a hook that is perfect for carrying heavyweight.

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