how to stop car ramps from sliding

How to Stop Car Ramps from Sliding with Safety Guide

Whenever you want to lift the car on the auto ramp, does it swiftly move out of its place? After trying several times, are you repeatedly disappointed to lift your car on the car ramp? And now you are searching about how to stop car ramps from sliding safely?

Okay, now it’s time to say goodbye to car ramp sliding. Because your auto ramp sliding issues are common to almost everyone, that’s why we come with the how-to to keep car ramps from sliding guide for the permanent solution to this problem. Here we have shared some easy ways to auto ramp slide stops. Let’s get started.

Before Use Car Ramp, Maintain These Safety Things

Though the auto ramp is very easy to use, you must maintain some safety things to avoid any kind of damage. So before we go to the main part, we want to share some safety tips about car ramps.

  • Always choose a flat surface for the car ramp because the slope’s surface increases the chances of vehicles sliding and falling.
  • Different types of car ramps come with different weight capacities; that’s why try to choose a great weight capacity wheel ramp. In particular, keep an eye on whether the vehicle’s weight you want to ramp is perfect with the auto ramp’s weight capacity.
  • Make sure the auto ramp has rubber ends, or try to use grip pads if there are no rubber stops. It will provide a high-traction surface to your ramp and prevent it from sliding out.
  • Try to use low clearance ramps for a small car. It will help to keep the undercarriage from scrapping.
  • If the place is wet, slippery, soft, or smooth garage floor where you want to ramp the car, try to avoid it as much as possible. If avoidance is not possible, use a non-skid rubber mat.
  • Finally, the most important thing is that, after successfully ramping your car, put the brake on parking mode. Then the opposite rear wheels, which are touching the ground, where you can put wheel chocks behind them, it will help your vehicles from accidentally rolling off.

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How Do You Secure a Car on a Ramp?

Before you drive your car on the auto ramp, you must drive safely so that the auto ramp does not slide in any way. Try to follow these steps when driving into the ramp.

Before Start, You’ll Need:

  • Car Ramps
  • Wheel Chocks

Step 1: First, you need to align your car wheels with the ramps; as much as possible, try to keep the wheels in the center of the ramp. It will prevent the ramp from sliding, and the car can be protected from falling off.

Step 2: When going on the ramp, you can set someone in front of your vehicle so that he can frequently inform you of the car wheel’s location. Otherwise, when you go on the ramp, you can feel the position of your tire. Try to drive as slowly as possible.

Step 3: When the two wheels are fully raised, stop your driving, and make sure that the two wheels are perfectly positioned in the flat position of the auto ramp.

Step 4: After ensuring everything then you can engage in parking brake mode. And then get out of the car and double-check the position in all directions. Make sure everything is aligned, and the weight of your vehicle is perfectly engaged on the ramp.

Step 5: To avoid an accident, take two wheel chocks, and set them behind the opposite wheels, so that the car is fully balanced and does not suddenly move out of its position.

How to Stop Car Ramps from Sliding?

Whenever you go to lift your car on the car ramps, you will notice that it is repeatedly sliding. In this case, you can follow the following methods to preserve yourself from the annoying situation.

Method 1: First, take a piece of duct tape, then stick it to the edge of the auto ramps and run up to 12 inches. After that, fold it and go back to the car ramp. Then attach the backside of the auto ramp. Now you can surely lift the car on the automotive ramp. The ramp will not slide; it will be attached to the tape.

Method 2: Another method is that most garage mechanics say is the most effective way to secure the ramp. You need strong pieces of wood, then adjust the ramp with the help of wood pieces by placing walls to prevent sliding or moving.

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