how to remove an axle cap on a hand truck

Simply How to Remove an Axle Cap on a Hand Truck?

A hand truck is quite convenient for carrying any kind of heavy goods or box. Different types of wheels are used on hand trucks depending on the type of surface and floor to move easily. However, two common tires are pneumatic wheel and solid rubber wheel.

Axle caps are used on a hand truck to protect the pneumatic wheels. Sometimes when pneumatic tires need to be replacing, at first need to this axle cap has to be turned off. Many people think that the axle cap removing process is a lot of hassles; it is a misconception. To avoid this trouble, we have created this guide on how to remove an axle cap on a hand truck, dolly, little tikes in an easy way.

How to Remove an Axle Cap on a Hand Truck?

Axle caps are commonly used to secure pneumatic tires, and it also comes with 1/4, 5/8 inch axle cap nuts, and many more different sizes. Many people are worried about ‘how to remove axle end cap’ due to different diameter axle, well there is no reason to worry because the installation and removal process of hand truck axle caps of all sizes is almost the same. Try to follow the procedure shared below.

Things You Must Need

  • Plier
  • Hammer
  • Block of Wood
  • Flat Head Screwdriver

Step 1: Find the Axle Cap Notch

First, you need to find the notch of the axle cap on the outside of the wheel. If you find the notch part of it, then you can easily remove and install the end of the axle.

Step 2: Insert Flat Head Screw Driver in Notch

After successfully finding the notch, take the flathead screwdriver, and insert the screwdriver head very carefully into the notch. However, you need to be very careful because if you accidentally apply too much pressure to the notch with the help of flat screwdrivers, there is a chance of damaged wheels or the axle nut. It will make the installing process more difficult.

Step 3: Hold the Sides of End Cap

If you do not find the gap of the axle cap, then follow this step. Hold both sides of the axle cap tightly with the help of a pair of pillars.

Then twist the axle cap with the help of pillars; you will see that the end cap has started to loosen slowly.

Step 4: Finally Remove Axle Cap Nut

After carefully twisting, you will notice that the axle cap has started to separate. Then try to understand the direction of the cap, then carefully start rotating in that direction. Finally, you have been able to successfully remove the end cap from your hand truck, dolly, little tikes.

Extra Tips

Many replacement times, hand truck axle cap’s perfect size are not available. In this case, if you want to find the exact size axle cap for your dolly, you need to contact the dolly manufacturers.

In this case, the simple way is that if you are finding correctly on the side of the dolly, you can see that their phone number is given; you can just contact them there. And if you share the item model of your hand dolly with them, you will easily find the end cap as well as other sensitive small hand trucks parts.

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