hand truck pneumatic vs solid tires

Pneumatic Tires vs Solid Tires Hand Truck – Know the Main Differences

Different patterns of tires are used in hand trucks based on several types of floor and surface, which have the most reliable performance in specific places. In addition to other wheels, the two most commonly used wheels for pulling things are the pneumatic wheel and the solid wheel.

These two wheels of the hand truck have many similarities as well as many notable differences. In this comparison guide, we have arranged the difference between hand truck pneumatic vs solid tires. Let’s first get familiarized with both wheels separately.

Hand Truck Pneumatic Tires

hand truck pneumatic tiresPneumatic hand truck tires have ball-bearing features, which are highly smooth and stable and provide a smoother ride. Also, considering each tire has easy-to-push features, pneumatic wheels are more common in hardworking space hand trucks.

The thick sidewalls design of pneumatic tires helps to deal with more different situations, including tear, wear, and provide extended tire life.

Hand Truck Solid Tires

hand truck solid tiresSolid tires are another well-known hand truck wheel made of heavy-duty rubber materials. The design of solid wheels is much different from pneumatic wheels.

It is designed to rotate over a metal frame with a layer of solid rubber, which increases the tire’s longevity compared to other regular wheels and is perfect for carrying heavy loads. There are also many more features and differences, which are shared here.

Hand Truck Pneumatic vs Solid Tires

Although both tires are designed with rubber materials, there are many marked differences between hand truck pneumatic vs solid tires, the main features of which are discussed:

Heavy Duty

Pneumatic tires are usually designed with a combination of synthetic and natural rubber, which provides maximum grip; it is also great for a smooth surface. Also, these wheels have been designed with superior quality rubber, keeping in mind the industrial work.

Solid rubber tires are used in all fields, especially these types of tires are more common in hand trucks used for regular work. They also perform well on heavy-duty tasks on rough terrain and hard surfaces.


The pneumatic wheel lags behind solid tires in terms of longevity for a number of reasons. Solid wheels are designed with compounds of special rubber materials, which last 3x longer than pneumatic wheels.

Also, solid wheels have the highest load capacity and the ability to run on rough surfaces, which makes them much different from regular tires. Though pneumatic tires lag far behind in terms of longevity, they are far ahead of other wheels in terms of quality and performance.

Tear Resistant

Pneumatic wheels use superior quality rubber, which protects them from any kind of tear, wears, and sidewall damage. Also, the higher resistance features of pneumatic tires help in dealing with many difficult situations.

The solid tires are a bit behind in terms of tear-resistant resistance. A particular reason for this is that these tires move on hard surfaces in most fields, due to which many difficult situations have to face. However, upgraded solid tires are much more resistant.

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