car dolly towing issues

Car Dolly Towing Issues

A car tow dolly is an easy to manage two-wheel trailer; it is also an easy way to transport almost any type of vehicle safely from one place to another at a low cost. But in addition to having many advantages, there are also a few car dollies towing issues.

Many people do not know about the disadvantage of two dollies; that’s why they face problems after starting the tour with two dollies. In this guide, you are going to get a complete conception of are tow dollies safe or bad for your car.

Five Common Car Dolly Towing Issues

In this section, we will briefly discuss some of the most common issues and limitations of car dolly.

1. Weight Restrictions

Though car tow dolly is much more affordable than four-wheel trailers, it has some limitations. The tow dolly carries much less weight than a regular trailer, and it is not capable of carrying heavy vehicles.

These types of trailers can carry a maximum weight of 350 pounds on the front of the car. Need to large vehicles like RV, truck to towing vehicle on the tow dolly.

2. Car Damage

Many new users have a common question will a tow dolly damage my car? The answer is “Yes.” Since the haul tow dolly carries both front wheels of your car a little higher, there is a chance of damage due to friction with the extended part. However, if the car’s rear-wheel-drive part is not so long, then there is no chance of damage.

And if you are towing the rear wheel part to the tow dolly, then the front part of the car is more likely to be seriously damaged by dragging with the ground.

3. Maneuverability

One of the biggest disadvantages of Tow Dolly is its difficult maneuvering side. If you watch the regular four-wheel trailers, you will see that it is much easier to move them back up. Besides, you can easily control any difficult situation.

On the other hand, if you look at the tow dolly, you can see that if you set up your vehicle front wheel in the tow dolly, then the other two wheels are stuck to the ground during towing, due to which you can’t come back if you want. If you force to back up, then there is a lot of risk of car damage.

However, if you need to come back, then separate the car from the hook, then bring your RV or truck to your desired destination and re-hook the vehicle.

4. Wear and Tear

When towing with the help of Dolly, there is a lot more pressure on the tire. There are a number of reasons for this, such as when you are towing a tow dolly, the two tires of the car are continuously on the road, on which most of the vehicles are creating supporting pressure. Hence, the tires of the vehicles are under pressure as long as they are on the road. Due to constant friction on tires, both tires are chances damaged, tear, and wear.

5. Time Decay

When transporting any car with a tow dolly, it requires to be done work safely. Because its two wheels are always in contact with the ground, there is a risk of danger at any moment when it comes to speed driving. The tow dolly can not transport like other trailers same speed limit. You need to drive your towing car at a lower speed than average. That’s why it requires a lot of time, which is a big disadvantage.

Solution for Car Dolly Towing Issues

There are advantages and disadvantages side of anything, as well as car tow dolly has many advantages. If you want, you can buy upgraded dollies; they have all the upgraded features as well as many safety aspects. Also, the upgraded tow dollies are able to carry much more weight than the traditional model dolly.

But still, if you think a tow dolly is a difficult option for you, then there is an easy solution. As an alternative, you can shift to the four-wheel trailer.

Though it is a very expensive option, you can move safely with your vehicles. You also get a lot of advanced safety options. As well as the tire of your cars, do not have to take extra pressure and protect from damage.

Advantages of Car Towing With a Towing Dolly

  1. A tow dolly is a much easier option than the trailer, and most aspects can be controlled easily.
  2. It has many budget-friendly options; if you want, you can easily buy at a lower price, or you can rent at a lower price than the trailer.
  3. A tow dolly is a much easier storage than a four-wheel dolly, and it didn’t need additional space; you can also store it in tight spaces. As it is a lightweight option, it can also be easily moved.

Disadvantages of Tow Dolly

  1. Need so much time to load and unload the vehicles, maybe the installation process is difficult for the beginner.
  2. A tow dolly is not an excellent towing dolly option for heavy vehicles and extra larger vehicles. Due to friction with vehicle tires always ground, there is a risk of vehicle wear and tear.
  3. So much time is needed to hooking, and a little bit difficult for first-timer. If not properly hooked, chances are to damage the car badly.


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