best hitch lock for trailers

Trailer Coupler Lock Reviews, Buying Guide & Deals

Hitch locks are used to attach trailers to vehicles. Hitch locks attach to the trailer tongue and connect to the vehicle’s tow bar. This is done using a ball mount that attaches to the vehicle’s tow bar. Hitch locks come in different sizes and shapes. Some are designed to fit specific types of vehicles while others are universal.

Hitch locks are very useful because they allow you to park your car without having to worry about someone stealing it.

If you are looking for a hitch lock, then you should consider buying the Universal Trailer Hitch Lock. It has been tested and proven to be very effective at keeping your trailer attached to your car.

What to Look for When Buying a Trailer Hitch Lock?

  • The lock should be easy to use with one hand.
  • It should be sturdy enough that it won’t break when you’re trying to attach it.
  • You shouldn’t have to bend over to attach it.
  • The lock should be rated for use with trailers up to about 20 feet long.
  • It should have a keyed cylinder that can be locked by turning it in either direction.
  • The lock should have a locking mechanism that is easy to operate.
  • The lock should be able to withstand the force of an impact.
  • It should have a key that is easy to use in cold weather.
  • It should be easy to install.
  • It should not require special tools.
  • It should be able to withstand impact damage.
  • It should fit securely on the trailer hitch.

Are locking hitch pins safe?

Locking hitch pins are safer than conventional ones because they prevent the trailer from moving forward when the truck is parked at a stop sign or traffic light. However, they are still dangerous because they can cause damage to the vehicle if they fall off during operation.

Locking hitch pins are not recommended for use with trailers weighing less than 10,000 pounds.


The best hitch locks for trailers are designed to keep your trailer locked while parked so thieves don’t steal it. They’re also easy to install and remove when you need to move your trailer. Some models even come with a key fob that allows you to unlock your trailer remotely.

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