Let’s Find You the Best Hand Truck for Moving Appliances

Moving to another place falls differently on people’s hearts. Some think it’s exciting, some find themselves worried about the new neighborhood. best hand truck for appliancesBut there’s one thing that we all feel when we move. Tedious. Annoying. Nerve-wracking. Stuff. Big stuff especially.

There’s always a problem with how to transport big house appliances and furniture, at least to the front of the old place and into the truck. And then out of the truck and into the new residence. Our list of the best hand truck for appliances probably won’t make your move 100% annoyance-free, but we are sure that one of these babies will greatly reduce it.

Let’s review our picks for the best appliance hand truck you can buy online.

Top 3 Hand Trucks for Home Use

Cosco 3in1 Aluminum Hand Truck
Cosco 3in1 Hand Truck
Capacity:1000 lbs.
Weight:27.5 lbs.
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Harper Trucks Appliance Hand Truck 6781
Harper Trucks 6781
Capacity:800 lbs.
Material:Alloy Steel
Weight:37.7 lbs.
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Olympia Tools Pack-n-Roll Hand Truck 85-038
Olympia Tools Pack-n-Roll
Capacity:800 lbs.
Material:Alloy Steel
Weight:41.2 lbs.
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Top Rated 6 Hand Truck Reviews

What is the biggest challenge for a buyer these days? While you think about it, notice how many options today’s market offers to a buyer regardless of what he is thinking to purchase. That’s why reading buying guides or reviews is important if you want detailed insights on your purchase.

To make it easier for you, “we have compiled a list of the six best hand trucks for moving appliances” for your better judgment. Here it goes…

1Cosco 3in1 Aluminum Hand Truck

Cosco 3in1 Aluminum Hand Truck

  • Capacity: 1000 lbs.
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 27.5 lbs.

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Key Features:

  • Ergonomic slows down fatigue, reduces muscle strain and injuries
  • Heavy-duty wheels, easy movement
  • Conversion takes one hand and no time
  • Easy maneuvering
  • 1000lbs/800lbs capacity
  • 3 items in one – 2-wheel upright hand truck, 4-wheel assistance hand truck, and 4-wheel cart
  • Height 33.25″/ Width 46.88″/ Depth 19.75″

Starting with the best-rated appliance hand truck to be purchased online, we have the Cosco 3in1. This handy transporter is on the lighter side of the scale due to its aluminum frame. The pick for the material may feel discouraging for those who want a heavy-duty hand truck but the construction of the hand truck allows for carrying much more weight – 1.000lbs on four wheels and 800lbs on two.

The 3in1 stands for three different transportation modes. Cosco’s aluminum hand truck can be used as a usual two-wheeled hand truck, but there is another pair of wheels connected to its top so it can be placed horizontally – to make the assisted four-wheel hand truck or a four-wheel cart. In the last two modes, the carrying capacity is increased by 200lbs and there is more space to place robust items and even stack items.

2Harper Trucks Appliance Hand Truck 6781

Harper Trucks Appliance Hand Truck 6781

  • Capacity: 800 lbs.
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Weight: 37.7 lbs.

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Key Features:

  • Carrying capacity of 800lbs
  • Offset tightener and a two-piece belt (poly)
  • 3/4 inch axle for more strength
  • The stair climber is built-in for easier transportation over stairs
  • 14 gauge steel frame, robotically welded

The Harper Trucks 6781 hand truck is a wonderful piece of transportation equipment that is ready to take the load as well as not being very demanding when it comes to space. If you have a shed or a garage, you won’t even notice it until you come to need it again. This and the fact that it can carry up to 800 pounds make it the perfect compact hand truck to have in a household.

A built-in glass-filled stair climber makes it amazingly convenient when it comes to going up and down the stairs with the load. This makes up for the relatively small wheel dimensions, which can make inconveniences over rough terrain. It is equipped with a tightener belt which holds the transported item right in its place. The steel frame is durable and made for years of service.

3Olympia Tools Pack-n-Roll Hand Truck 85-038

Olympia Tools Pack-n-Roll Hand Truck 85-038

  • Capacity: 800 lbs.
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Weight: 41.2 lbs.

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Key Features:

  • 800lbs capacity
  • 6×2 inch TPR tires
  • Large toe plate for carrying the large appliance
  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • 2x 2.5in straps/buckles
  • A convenient handle buckle release
  • 60-1/8-In Height/ 22In Width/ 11in to 23In Depth

Olympia Tools Pack-n-Roll hand truck is sturdy and convenient. A powder-coated steel frame gives it lifetime durability and keeps its dimensions compact enough for storage without losing any of the needed pack strength. It has 6×2 inch thermoplastic rubber wheels which make the ride smoother.

Stair climbers and a wide toe plate make it especially appealing for transporting large and heavy house appliances and furniture. Two webbed straps easily tighten the object and attach it to plastic buckles that can be released through a handle. The stair climbers make transporting the load up and down the stairs a breeze. Its size allows the load to snuggly lay onto the tall steel frame. It’s also packed with an extension box lifter.

4Cosco Hand Truck 12323ASB1E

Cosco Hand Truck 12323ASB1E

  • Capacity: 1000 lbs.
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 29.2 lbs.

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Key Features:

  • 1000lb capacity for 4-wheel mode; 800lb 2-wheel mode capacity
  • Folding toe plate
  • Easy to store, compact
  • Looped handle
  • One hand conversion
  • Aluminum frame

Another great product from Cosco is their hand truck with a funny manufacturing name. The wheel size is the first thing that catches the eye of this product. The wheels are made of steel and full rubber so there won’t be any flat tire problems at all. The product features four modes:

  1. The upright two-wheeler
  2. 4-wheel hand truck
  3. 4-wheel cart
  4. 4-wheel platform

The aluminum frame makes it light yet sturdy enough for heavy lifting. The product comes with a folding toe plate that can fit larger objects while saving storage space. This and the other three options make it the best hand truck for moving refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, etc. The ergonomic design and the loop handle make it easy to handle and maneuver while moving heavy objects.

5Haul Master Hand Truck & Stair Climber

Haul Master Hand Truck & Stair Climber

  • Capacity: 600 lbs.
  • Material: Steel
  • Weight: 220 lbs.

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Key Features:

  • 600lb capacity
  • Foldable extension for toe plate
  • 2 heavy-duty straps and buckles
  • One-hand unbuckling
  • Full rubber wheels
  • Stair climbers

Talking about compact products, Haul Master Hand Truck seems like the best hand truck for home use due to its depth dimensions. It can be easily stored in a garage or a shed and it won’t be a bother until the next hauling session. This way you can save space, time, and money on expensive packing services.

The toe plate may not be the longest on the market. In fact, it is only 5-1/2in, but that is made up of two lines of heavy-duty straps and buckles that can easily be opened by a convenient handle. There is also a fold-out extension for the toe plate for an oversized load. The two full rubber wheels are durable and lasting and can be used without risking too much damage.

6Harper Trucks Nylon Glass-filled Convertible Hand Truck & Dolly PGDY8635P

Harper Trucks Nylon Glass-filled Convertible Hand Truck & Dolly PGDY8635P

  • Capacity: 700 lbs.
  • Material: Steel
  • Weight: 26.6 lbs.

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Key Features:

  • 700lbs (4wheel)/600lbs (2wheel) capacity
  • 10in wheels and 5in hind casters
  • Three positions for handles
  • Stair climbers
  • Glass-filled nylon plastic frame

Harper Trucks convertible dolly hand truck is the best hand truck for furniture and appliances, or other heavy and large house items. Manufactured in the USA, it is made from glass-filled nylon. This plastic frame is up to 30% lighter than other materials, like steel, while strong enough to take the heavy load. The other advantages include corrosion and rust resistance, so you can rest assured that this hand truck is here to stay.

It can be easily converted from a 2-wheeler into a 4-wheel cart by pulling the handle out of the vertical sockets and putting it into the horizontal sockets and clicking the hind wheels in place. The handle can be placed in three positions overall.

The 4-wheeled variant has a slightly larger carrying capacity (700lbs) compared to the two-wheel variant (600lbs). This product has the largest wheels on our list with the two-hand truck wheels reaching 10 inches in diameter. The hind casters are 5 inches in diameter.

Buyers guide

Trying to find the best hand truck for appliances you can benefit from the most takes a little background knowledge as well as setting a few important goals.

Maximum Capacity and the materials

Hand trucks on the market today are made of various materials. Though all the materials chosen for hand trucks are meant to endure heavier loads, there are differences in how much weight a particular hand truck can take.

  • Steel: It’s one of the most popular materials used in producing hand trucks. Good-grade steel can last longer and will make the frame resistant to bending and damage over time. Powder coating makes it even more durable since it protects it from scratches that can start rusting and damaging the material from the inside. Rust and corrosion are still risks with steel frames, which is one of its downsides. The second-largest downside is that it adds to the hand truck’s weight.
  • Aluminum: To counter the weight and corrosion issues, some of the manufacturers resort to aluminum. Good framing and structuring can give the aluminum hand trucks almost the same endurance as the same grade steel frames and still save some weight. The downside of aluminum frames is the sudden drop in performance once damage and perforations appear due to poor or excessive use. Once the aluminum frame is compromised by materials bending or chipping the hand truck be able to carry as much.
  • Other materials: The manufacturers are getting imaginative with the new compound materials solutions. The prime examples are carbon-fiber-based frames or different compound plastic materials mixed with others to add to their sturdiness. This also is a two-edged knife in the sense that highly durable materials are often very expensive while the cheaper materials can’t take as much weight. Glass-filled nylon plastics are a great example of experimental materials that are going in the direction of real breakthroughs. They are significantly lighter than steel, resistant to the environment, and can carry out heavy loads (although not as much as steel).

All summed up, it comes down to the idea that the steel and aluminum frames can have the highest carrying capacity although the hand trucks themselves can weigh a little more – 800-1000lbs is the capacity of quality hand trucks. Other materials can take up to 600-700lbs of weight.

The size of the load

Not all hand trucks are made to carry large house appliances and furniture. There are hand trucks that are meant to carry smaller boxes stacked one onto another, and yet they can’t carry one large box. It comes down to the size of their toe plate.

The toe plate is the platform on which the load is placed, and larger objects demand longer toe plates. If you are looking for two-wheel transportation of large appliances, you should consider buying a hand truck with extendable or foldable toe plates. This way you will be able to place large appliances onto your hand truck.

Another option is to buy a several-in-one option that can turn your dolly into a 4-wheel variant. This utilizes the frame horizontally to create more space for placing larger objects. This does not work well with different levels, except ramps. 4-wheeled products can’t transport over stairs.

Determine whether you want to transport over levels (stairs, smaller platforms, etc.)

If the terrain over which you are transporting is completely flat, you have maximum options as far as the weight and the size of the load are concerned. Life is not perfect though. Pieces of important furniture and even appliance and other large and heavy objects can be found on second levels, attics, or basements.

For these reasons, it is good to figure out whether your future hand truck has a system that supports over-stairs transportation. There are different variants you can choose from:

  • Rubber band climbers: Our list contains only these options. The climbing mechanism pivots on the back of the hand truck and the two rubber bands revolve over the plates.
  • Three-wheeler: The hand truck has three wheels that can revolve around the axis they share. Once you start climbing up the stairs, the hand truck can have two contact surfaces at the same time at different levels. This works only if the stairs are not too large for the dolly’s wheels.
  • Electric climber: Some more expensive products utilize the power of an electromotor. Climbing and going down with these is left to the machine and the operator just directs the hand truck.

Once you determined all the necessary variables, you can proceed to choose the best hand truck for you.


What is the best aluminum hand truck?

In our opinion, the best aluminum hand truck is Cosco 12323ASB1E. It can be transformed into three four-wheeled variants that increase the weight capacity from 800lbs to 1000lbs, as well as give more space and maneuvering ability.

What is the best Dolly to buy?

The best dolly for home and work use is Cosco 3in1 hand truck dolly. It’s made from light materials like aluminum and it can be transformed into an assistance hand truck on four wheels and a four-wheel cart. If you need a dolly that can traverse stairs and level differences, Harper Truck 6781 dolly is the one for you.

Should I buy a hand truck?

Why not! If you can anticipate multiple instances of transporting large and heavy objects like furniture, appliance, DIY tools, etc. buying a hand truck can be a money saver. Two or three packing services easily surpass the price of a quality hand truck today.

What is the difference between a hand truck and a dolly?

Dolly has four wheels and the item needs to be picked from the ground and placed onto it. A hand truck has two wheels and can usually slide under the item and move it without the need to lift the whole item from the ground.

What does a hand truck look like?

Hand trucks are those two-wheeled frames with a toe plate on which boxes or other items can be packed one on top of another for easier transportation.

How wide is a hand truck?

Usually, hand trucks are about 22 inches wide. There are wider and narrower variants depending on the need of a user.

Can I use a hand truck on the stairs?

Some hand trucks can ‘climb’ and ‘descend’ stairs. Different products offer different solutions for traversing stairs, like the revolving three-wheel hand trucks, rubber band climbers, or electric climbers.


We hope we helped you come closer to deciding the best hand truck for appliances for you and your household. To sum it up, in our opinion the best hand truck is the Cosco 3in1 hand truck that can work as a dolly and a 4-wheel cart as well. It’s made of an aluminum frame and full rubber wheels which avoids the problems related to flat tires. It can carry almost any kitchen appliance (up to 800lbs for the hand truck and up to 1000lbs for the dolly).

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