Where to Find the Best Electric Cable Hoist, The 2021 Guide

We all sometimes need it – some more often than others. We always want a reliable one, and that’s the truth. best electric cable hoistElectric hoists make a man’s life easier in so many ways – for DIY projects, logging, agriculture, machine work, construction, and so much more. Wherever there’s a heavy object, an electric hoist can be useful if not vital for completing the task. We have seen many electric hoist reviews that try to unveil which one is the most useful. The common denominator in these was probably durability and reliability.

In our case, we want to present you with the best electric cable hoist through weight and power tiers, and possible extra features that may make your task easier one way or the other. Without further ado, here is our list of electric hoists which could be used in garages, barns, workshops, as well as be kept at households for special tasks and projects, like moving and DIYs.

1Partisan: 440lbs Garage Ceiling Pulley Winch Hoist

Partisan: 440lbs Garage Ceiling Pulley Winch Hoist

  • Lifting Capacity: 220/440 lbs.
  • Motor: 0.62 HP
  • Weight: 25.1 lbs.

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Starting with a pretty lightweight hoist, the Partisan hoist can hold 220lbs by default with a single line of cable. It is a durable ceiling hoist with a reliable 4.1A, 460W motor made to work at 110/120V and ~60Hz power outlet.

It is packed with 38ft cable. This is more than enough for light construction work use up to 30ft, as well as moving large yet lighter objects from and to higher levels up to 30ft.

The product comes with two straps for better fastening and a 4.9ft cord for control that has an emergency stop button. The hoist itself also has a safety stop trigger which springs once the cable is completely coiled up. The cable can be turned into a double-line hoist that halves the cable length to 19ft and the lifting speed from 33ft/min to 19ft/min and doubles the max load weight from 220lbs to 440lbs.

The price-to-power ratio makes the Partisan hoist the best affordable electric overhead hoist winch reviewed in this article.

Key Features:

  • 220/440lbs max lift
  • 33ft/min single line lift speed
  • 460W motor
  • 2 straps for better fastening
  • 4.9ft control with the emergency stop button.

2Happybuy 1320lbs 110V Winch

Happybuy 1320lbs 110V Winch

  • Lifting Capacity: 660/1320 lbs.
  • Motor: 2.4 HP
  • Weight: 33.2 lbs.

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Stepping up to a higher power winch that can take up more load, we’ve got a great deal coming from Happybuy. Their 1320lbs-rated winch hoist can handle the heavy business well and for a long time.

Its single line capacity of 660lbs is supported by 39.4ft of high-tension high-carbon steel cable capable of withstanding high tension during heavy-duty work. The winch hoist can be easily mounted on a ceiling or other sturdy construction which should handle loads of at least 1400lbs.

The hoist comes with a manganese steel hook which is constructed to always hold the load securely and is built to last. All this is powered by a highly efficient motor built and encased in iron and aluminum elements.

Finally, the controller is connected by a 4.8ft long cable which places you at a safe distance during operation.

Key Features:

  • 660lbs (single line) and 1320lbs (double line) rated
  • 8ft/min lifting speed
  • High carbon cable
  • 8ft cable to the remote controller
  • Safety limit switch.

3Champion 18890 Automatic Hoist

Champion 18890 Automatic Hoist

  • Lifting Capacity: 440/880 lbs.
  • Motor: 1.14 HP
  • Weight: 34.2 lbs.

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The first product on our list maybe lacks cable length to be the best electric hoist for you. This may happen if you need to lift between 220lbs and 440lbs and you could use a 30ft+ cable length. Champion 18890 hoist is 440lbs-rated for a single cable that spans up to 39.4ft. It is great to lift heavier objects to more height.

With the double-line setting it can lift twice as much – 880lbs for half the cable length (19ft), so it is a great option for those to whom the second item on our list may be overkill.

A 5.5ft remote control cable can make a difference with more length to some, yet there is a simple way to make use of a safety switch to stop the motor from running at the cable length you desire. The powerful 850W motor runs the whole operation and it’s made so it endures the heavy load lifting for at least a couple of years.

Since it does not require frequent maintenance it is the best small electric hoist for barns and workshops.

Key Features:

  • 440lbs/880lbs rated
  • 850W motor
  • Dual-line operation
  • 4ft cable
  • 5ft tethered one-hand operation controller

4Partsam 1320lbs Hoist

Partsam 1320lbs Hoist

  • Lifting Capacity: 660/1320 lbs.
  • Motor: 1.676 hp
  • Weight: 41.8 lbs.

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The truth of the matter is that the hoists can be used as winches as well. A useful accessory you want to get for your winch/hoist is a set of straps that fasten the operated object securely. Since a 1320lbs double line rated Partsam hoist comes with a set of said straps, we think it’s the best affordable electric hoist winch reviewed here for versatility when lifting.

The product comes with a set of longer (2”x5.5’) and shorter (2”x36”) lift sling straps with an option of ordering additional straps (for extra price) along with the product.

The great thing about this hoist is the motor that packs 1250W of power capable of lifting 660lbs of load at 33ft/min, and the strength of the rope measures up to 1770N/mm2.

Key Features:

  • 660lbs/1320lbs rated
  • 1250W motor
  • Comes with one long and one short strap
  • 9ft remote control tether
  • 38ft  ≧ 1770N/mm2

5Newtry 3 in 1 1100lbs Winch

Newtry 3 in 1 1100lbs Winch

  • Lifting Capacity: 1100 lbs.
  • Motor: 2 hp
  • Weight: 22 lbs.

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If you think keeping a hoist fixed in one place of your facilities will not do a trick for you, you may want to check out the Newtry 3 in 1 winch/hoist that can do as much as any hoist, and even more. This seems to be the best affordable electric hoist winch reviewed here, for its versatility and applicability. The fact that it’s easy to transport and carry around makes all the difference in various on-field work.

Since it is meant to cover some light to medium logging tasks, it has the longest control cable among the presented products (22.6ft). If the cabling seems inconvenient, there’s a 200ft wireless remote control coverage.

The winch can handle up to 1100lbs of weight and it comes with a 26ft of cable. The two hooks can be rotated 360 degrees for easy maneuvering and aligning of objects.

Key Features:

  • 1100lbs-rated (only single line)
  • 25ft lifting height
  • 360 degrees rotatable hooks
  • Lifting straps
  • 22.6 corded controller and 200ft wireless remote

6Limicar 2200lbs Hoist

Limicar 2200lbs Hoist

  • Lifting Capacity: 1100/2200 lbs.
  • Motor: 1.9 hp
  • Weight: 63.7 lbs.

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There are a few reasons we believe Limicar’s 2200lbs hoist is the best 1-ton electric hoist. Not only that the product comes with a lift strap and a heavy-duty manganese steel hook capable of holding heavyweight fast and secure, but the Limicar hoist is also built to last. Its whole construction is built of aluminum and iron including its 1450W, 12.5Amp electric motor.

The remote control is built for precision lifting and lowering with an emergency stop button and up and down buttons placed for a single-hand operation.

It’s got 39ft of high-tension cable with anti-heat features. The safety goes a step further with an emergency cable stop switch once the cable coils to its maximum.

Key Features:

  • 1100lbs/2200lbs rated
  • 1450W electric motor
  • 39ft anti-heat cable
  • 6’x3” sling strap
  • Precision wired remote control

Buyers guide

There are a couple of things you want to look at when choosing the best electric cable hoist for yourself. Let us explain the most important needs that dictate the various features your new electric hoist should have.

Weight rating

Depending on the job your new hoist is going to take, you would need to decide on the weight limit for your hoist. The lower weight rating hoists are cheaper and lighter, while those with more power may be more expensive. The point is to decide how much weight your hoist will lift at max. If you are looking for simple DIY projects a smaller hoist will be more than enough.

If there is a need for lifting heavier objects, like tree trunks, heavy machinery, and mason stones, etc., you would have to look for a sturdier, more powerful hoist.

Cable length

For most electric hoists out there, you can think of cable length in two ways – the standard and the powerful. Please bear in mind that the powerful mode is always half as long as the standard. What do we mean by that? The wonders of physics allow us to double the lifting rating by placing the other end of a cable on the hoist. With this, we half the cable length as well as the lifting speed, yet with this, we can lift twice as heavy objects.

So if, for example, you are looking at a hoist that has 20ft of cable and is 220/440lbs rated, bear in mind that your cable length will be 20ft for max 220lbs weight and 10ft for max 440lbs weight.

Wanna winch?

Winches and hoists work by the same principle – it’s only a matter of positioning. This is great to have in mind if you are looking for a product that provides both functions – lifting and pulling. What limits most of the hoists to do both tasks is the shape of their casing which is built to hang from a ceiling, a bar, or another lifted base.

Winches on the other hand have different settings which fasten them in such a way that horizontal pulling is allowed. Products like Newtry 3in1 try to combine both functions in the same product, so hybrids like these may be worth considering.


Who makes the best electric hoist?

In our opinion, Partisan makes the best low-budget hoists, while Limicar manufactures some of the best heavy-duty hoists on the market. If you are looking for the best 2-ton electric hoist and stronger, you may check out DJCranes hoist and crane manufacturer.

How do I install an electric hoist in my garage?

To install a hoist in a garage, there should be a solid base onto which the hoist is going to be installed. Some hoists allow mounting directly on a ceiling (these would need some boring and other preparations), while others are made for mounting onto a metal bar or rails, like the Partisan 440lbs hoist which is in our opinion the best electric hoist for a garage.

How does an electric hoist work?

An electric hoist has a length of coiled cable in its base which is connected to an electric motor. Once the hoist operates, the motor turns the cable coil to wind it or unwind it. As the cable winds back in a coil, the object is slowly lifted.

There is a way to double the weight limit on these kinds of hoists by attaching one end of a cable back onto the hoist while the object is attached to the lower part of an arch that the cable creates. This slows down the lifting speed at the cost of doubling the weight limit.

How do you install an electric cable hoist?

An electric cable hoist can be installed in several ways, and it is best to consult the specific product’s manual for the best results. In principle, a hoist can be mounted directly to a concrete ceiling, a bar, or another sturdy elevated construction.

The bar can be replaced with rails and in this case, the hoist should be mounted on a trolley. The best electric hoist trolley is the one that matches the cumulative weight limit with the hoist’s weight limit.

Can you use a winch as a hoist?

There are a few ways to do so. If the winch is easily mountable, you can dismount it from its original base and mount it onto an elevated base with the cable end pointing down. If this is possible, the winch can then work as a legitimate hoist.

If a winch is not easy to take off of its base or if it’s impossible to mount it on an elevated base, the cable can be taken over a high base (a tree branch, a bar, or a hanging hook), and the other end of a cable linked to an object.

This will translate the pulling force into a lifting force. For these kinds of tasks, we believe the best electric hoist winch is the Newtry 3-in-1 hoist winch.


This is our list that breaks down the best hoists and winches into several tiers. We believe that the Partisan hoist is the best electric ceiling hoist for an affordable price capable of accommodating most user’s needs up to 440lbs. The most interesting product is the Newtry 3-in-1 winch hoist that is 1100lbs rated and can handle more than a regular ceiling hoist. Finally, if you need a tonner, Limicar 2200lbs-rated hoist is in our opinion the best electric cable hoist for heavy-duty work.

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