Battery for Electric Winches

While most people probably don’t spend too much time pondering the pros and cons of various electric winches the market has to offer, investing a few minutes in reading to help you decide what kind of electric winch and what is the best battery for an electric winch to pair it with can save you a lot of time and battery for electric winch

Winches arguably changed how people go about their business when it comes to traveling with an RV, off-road adventures, construction work, and much more. Though an electric winch might give you the power ancient Egypt could only ever dream of, that power completely depends on the battery it is coupled with. Nothing can ruin a family vacation like having an electric winch and a malfunctioning battery. To help you avoid such situations we are here to help you decide what is the best trailer winch battery for your needs and much more.

So without further delay here are a few top-notch products that can give you the most bang for your buck and help you get out of the rut should you need some extra pulling power on your next great adventure.

Top 3 Stand Alone Battery for Winch

Optima OPT8003-151 8003-151 34R RedTop Starting Battery
Optima OPT8003-151 Battery
Voltage:12 volts
Reserve Capacity:100 minutes
Cell:Lead Acid
Weight:37.9 lbs.
PriceDetail review
ACDelco Gold 48AGM 48 Battery
ACDelco Gold 48AGM Battery
Voltage:12 volts
Reserve Capacity:100 minutes
Weight:45.5 lbs.
PriceDetail review
Optima OPT8042-218 D75/25 Dual Purpose Battery
Optima OPT8042-218 Battery
Voltage:12 volts
Reserve Capacity:100 minutes
Cell:Lead Acid
Weight:37.8 lbs.
PriceDetail review

Top Rated 6 Winch Battery Reviews

What is the biggest challenge for a buyer these days? While you think about it, notice how many options today’s market offers to a buyer regardless of what he is thinking to purchase. That’s why reading buying guides or reviews is important if you want detailed insights on your purchase.

To make it easier for you, “we have compiled a list of six best winch batteries” for your better judgment. Here it goes…

1Optima OPT8003-151 8003-151 34R RedTop Starting Battery

Optima OPT8003-151 8003-151 34R RedTop Starting Battery

  • Cell Composition: Lead Acid
  • Reserve Capacity: 100 minutes
  • Weight: 37.9 lbs.

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We are starting our list with a great all-rounder, the good old OPTIMA OPT8003-151. Optima batteries will take a few places in this list for a good reason, as their website suggests: “If you are looking for pure power, look no further.” In its price range, the OPTIMA OPT8003-151 is truly one of the safest choices you can make if you are looking for the best battery for an electric winch.

Reliability is the name of the game when we are talking about electric winches and batteries for electric winches and with a reserve capacity of 100 minutes for constant performance, you can rest assured that your electric winch won`t give up on you halfway. This 12-volt, 37.9 pounds bad boy will start up just fine and do your bidding even in sub-zero temperatures with the help of its amazing 800 Cold Cranking Amps.

  • Power ratings: 12-Volt, 800 Cold Cranking Amps.
  • Size: 10 inches x 6 7/8inches x 7 13/16inches.
  • Has a reserve capacity of 100 minutes for continuous performance.
  • Good starting power regardless of the weather.
  • Internal Resistance: 0.003.

2ACDelco Gold 48AGM 48 Battery

ACDelco Gold 48AGM 48 Battery

  • Cell: Silver-Calcium
  • Reserve Capacity: 100 minutes
  • Weight: 45.5 lbs.

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Another honorable mention in this list must be the famous AC Delco Gold. If you`re the type of person who likes to buy stuff once and never worry about it again, this bad boy is the choice for you. The AC Delco Gold boasts premium parts backed by General Motors which guarantees unparalleled quality control to let you rest assured that you got the quality and performance you paid for.

With a hefty 45.5 pounds, the AC Delco Gold is a little bit heavier than our previous contestant, though this won’t be a problem should you be going off-road with a jeep. While it is a tab bit cheaper than the other options in this list, rest assured knowing that you got the best battery for a jeep with winch in that price range. If you`re looking for something to power your electric winch and pull your jeep up a mountain this is one of the best batteries you can buy.

  • Power rating: 12-volt.
  • Size 11.9 inches x 7.5 inches x 7.6 inches.
  • A negative paste of high density allows for better performance and prolongs battery life.
  • Acid leakage is prevented by a specific design of the vent cap.

3Optima OPT8042-218 D75/25 Dual Purpose Battery

Optima OPT8042-218 D75/25 Dual Purpose Battery

  • Cell: Lead Acid
  • Reserve Capacity: 100 minutes
  • Weight: 37.8 lbs.

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Another Optima battery on our list, the OPT8042-218 will never leave you stranded and questioning your life choices with a powerless winch. The incredible OPT8042-218 is probably the best stand-alone battery for winch you can get without having to spend your entire salary. This battery is a little more costly than the previous one on this list – but think of it as an investment for many years to come.

The OPT8042-218 is great for all your power-hungry needs as you can just plug it in and leave it running for hours on end without having to think about its capacity. It doesn`t gas, it doesn`t leak and it won`t give up even after years of day-to-day abuse.

  • Power ratings: 12-Volts, 620 Cold Cranking Amps.
  • Size: 9 5/16 inches x 6 13/16 inches x 7 5/8 inches.
  • Has both GM and SAE terminals.
  • Increased resistance to vibrations.

4ODYSSEY PC680 Battery

ODYSSEY PC680 Battery

  • Cell: Lead Acid
  • Cycle Life: 70 percentage
  • Weight: 15.03 lbs.

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Do you want to go off-roading with your ATV in a few hours and simply run away from the hustle and bustle of city life? No worries the Odyssey PC680 can fully charge in just four to six hours and promise to give you the power to get out of any ditch mother nature has in store for you today. With a 70 percent longer life cycle than your average run-off-the-mill deep cycle battery, the PC680 is providing you with the robust power you need to go on a true odyssey.

This 13.45 pound, 170 CCA bad boy is the best ATV battery for winch you can get. The non-spillable design will allow you to mount it on more than an ATV though since you can put it on a motorcycle, snowmobile, personal watercraft, and other off-road vehicles. If you are an adventurer who likes robust power and reliability this is the choice for you.

  • Power rating: 12-volt.
  • Size:  7.15 inches x 3 inches x 6.65 inches.
  • Faster recharge: The best recharge efficacy of any electric winch battery on the market, recharges in 4-6 hours.
  • The special design helps protect against vibrations and increases shock resistance.

5Optima OPT8022-091 8022-091 75/25 Starting Battery

Optima OPT8022-091 8022-091 75/25 Starting Battery

  • Cell: Lead Acid
  • Reserve Capacity: 90 minutes
  • Weight: 33.1 lbs.

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If you are getting something with a 4,5-star rating on Amazon out of almost 1000 reviews, you know you`re getting something good, and this is the case with the Optima OPT8022-091. This easily installed, charge and go, plug and play battery is basically the younger cousin of the Optima OPT8003-151 since it offers a tad bit less power, but offers another great example of why Optima is the company you want to go to when you`re in need of a good battery.

It can be used in various vehicles and is a great choice unless you were planning to tow a container ship. Optima makes some killer batteries and the 33.1 pound OPT8022-091 is no exception. If you need a good and trustworthy source of power for any situation this battery will make your worries go away.

  • Power ratings: 12-Volt, 720 CC Amps.
  • Size: 10 5/16 inches x 6 13/16 inches x 7 5/8 inches.
  • 90 minutes of reserve capacity for continuous performance.
  • Great starting power regardless of the weather.

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Buyers guide

Buying an important piece of equipment can seem a bit complex at first if you have no previous experience in working with any kind of power tools, batteries, or similar devices, and deciding on where to put your money, in this case, can be a big difference when it comes to actually use a winch.

As we’ve previously mentioned one of the worst-case scenarios of having to use a winch is not being able to power it. So deciding what is the best winch battery for your use is as important as the winch itself. However daunting it may seem at first, buying a good battery is actually really easy if you know what you are looking for.

For example, the best winch battery for construction site use might be good but it won’t be the best ATV winch battery. Different uses demand different batteries. An off-road vehicle will demand a battery that has better protection than a battery you might use in a regular car for example.

To best decide what kind of battery will best fit your needs here are some things you should pay special attention to:


First and foremost is compatibility. Getting a battery that has excellent specifications and a good price will be of no use if you cannot actually use the battery itself. Every winch should come with a recommended battery rating. Be sure to pay special attention to this and get yourself a battery that fits your vehicle and winches.

Power Ratings

Next up would be the power ratings. There is no use in getting a battery with subpar power ratings since you obviously won’t be going far with it. There are several power ratings to watch out for. Cold Cranking Ampere or CCA for short, refers to the ability of the battery to start up in cold temperatures, the more the better. Other things that affect the raw power of the battery are Ah (Ampere per hour) and RC (Reserve Capacity). In essence, you want a battery that has the most of these three ratings as possible.

Durability and Warranty

Another very important factor when choosing the best winch battery for your needs is durability and warranty. Since these batteries are obviously more expensive than regular ones you don’t want to have to buy another one after a few months or let alone weeks of usage. Buying from a trusted brand will always be a good choice when it comes to life expectancy and will be worth the money even if it is a bit more expensive.


Other things you should pay attention to are whether the battery is spill-proof or not, how much maintenance will it take, and if it is vibration-resistant. Most winch batteries today are spill-proof and vibration-resistant but always be sure to take a look at these specifications. Mounting pattern is equally important, a good battery should support several different mounting patterns.

Recharge Time

Last but not least is the recharge time. While this feature is definitely at the top of your priorities, having a fast-charging battery is obviously better than having a slow-charging one.


Can I use a regular battery instead of a winch battery?

Yes, but don`t. There is a good reason that batteries specifically designed for winching exist and it`s that winching is usually a very demanding and intensive task. Regular batteries simply cannot supply the winch with the power it needs consistently and will fail more often than not.

Do I need more than one winch battery?

If you have a light-duty winch you don’t really need an extra battery. However, if you have a heavy-duty winch that you use frequently you will definitely need an extra one. If you are an RV aficionado, for example, having the best battery for trailer winch on the market will most probably do the trick but it’s probably better to stay on the safe side when you’re planning your next dream get-away and get an extra battery.

What kind of battery should I get for my winch?

Check the recommended battery rating of your winch, this way you will know exactly what you need. Apart from that, make sure to use a battery with lots of power.


To wrap it up and make it simple: Optima and Odyssey are both trustworthy companies that you cannot go wrong with. An Optima OPT8003-151 is the best battery for electric winch when it comes to reliability and performance. Whether you are using a regular car winch or a pickup truck winch, this battery will satisfy your needs.

If you are an ATV lover the Odyssey PC680 is hands down the best battery for an ATV winch. Odyssey is a well-reputed brand that will make you sure that you made the right choice by using its product.

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